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10 Creative Ways to Market Your Stallion

When it comes to marketing your stallion or breeding program, you can reach more of the right people with these creative marketing ideas—no matter the size of your operation. Here, you’ll get specific content ideas you can take and run with to help you create interest and excitement about the horses in your program all year long.

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Welcome to the show notes! Remember, this is a brief summary from the How to Market Your Horse Business podcast. You'll want to listen to the entire episode for all the good stuff!

Spring is in the air which also means it’s peak breeding and foaling season for many of you.

So, I thought it would be fun to do an episode focused on just those with a breeding program to provide some specific and practical ideas to help you reach the right people through your marketing.

While print ads may first come to mind —and they can definitely work well for many reasons— there are some other ways you can promote your stallion and overall program.

There are actually more than 10 ways here … mostly because I love to give you ideas that you can run with when it comes to creating content!

10 Creative Ways to Market Your Stallion (Plus, a few more!)

Social Media (videos, stories, and more)

  1. FAQ’s series of posts.

    1. Dive deep into a specific question

    2. What do mare owners need to know

    3. What do they need to do ahead of time

  2. Take advantage of reels.

    1. Pay attention to quality

    2. Be intentional with how you’re going to hook them in.

    3. Use the description to bring them in.

    4. Use hashtags in your description.

    5. Use trending music, when it fits.

Email Marketing

  1. Build your list with the right people using your freebie.

  2. Tell stories about your stallion.

    1. What’s the beginning?

    2. When did he enter your life?

    3. What’s he done in a particular discipline?

    4. What has his offspring accomplished?

  3. Tell stories of different offspring from your stallion.

    1. What disciplines are they involved in?

    2. What differences are they making in the lives of their owners?

  4. Education.

    1. What’s the process like?

    2. What should people expect?

  5. What can the mare owners do to increase the likelihood of success?

  6. What does your guarantee look like and how does it work?


  1. Create a series of videos.

  2. Humanize the process.

    1. For example, invite a vet to join you and share some expert tips about what to do AFTER the breeding.

    2. Be available to answer questions.

  3. Include an actual description with information and links for their next steps.

Press Releases

  1. Have a list of your breed and association media handy.

  2. In your release, include all of the details, including any pertinent deadlines, limitations, and next steps.

Provide Incentives

  1. Early booking discounts.

  2. Terry Bradshaw Quarter Horses example.

Two important things to remember as you market your stallion or breeding program:

Keep your audience front and center. These content ideas are all about marketing, but as you take them and run with them for your business, remember to write them from a place of service.

Provide a great experience for your customers. While marketing is important, word of mouth and referrals can also be some of the best tools, so be sure you’re providing an excellent service from beginning to end.

Of course, you'll want to listen to the full episode to dig into each of these ideas and discover how you can use each one in your horse business!

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