Jump-Start Your Marketing With These 2 Questions

Marketing doesn't have to be so scary! You just need to be talking to the right people in a way that speaks to them. Get a jump-start on your marketing by answering these two questions.

When you think of marketing, do you want to go running the other way or maybe just change the subject?

If you’re like many business owners, the thought of marketing your business is scary or even intimidating.

It feels like if you’re going to dive into marketing that means you need to be buying a bunch of ads, hiring an agency or even buying billboards—you know, just like you see every other successful business doing.

Thankfully, marketing really doesn't have to be so scary!

You just need to be talking to the right people in a way that speaks to them.

And that’s how we’re going to jump-start your marketing today.

Get your favorite pen and notebook (or open your phone’s notes app or a fresh document on your computer - you get the point!) and let’s get started.

All you need to do is answer these two questions.

1. Who is my audience?

Now, don’t write anything just yet.

One mistake that most people make when answering this question is being too general. They’re afraid to leave anyone out so they include everyone.

However, all that does is create a watered-down message that actually appeals to no one.

Instead, you want to be very specific about your audience so you know exactly who it is you’re talking to.

So, when you start writing down your answer to this question, go deeper than just listing the gender or a specific industry. List out a variety of details such as age-range, lifestyle, family dynamics, professional role, and more.

Remember, if marketing is “talking to the right people in a way that speaks to them” then you’ll be talking to the right people when you know who your audience is.

Okay, now it’s time to figure out how you’re going to speak to them. And that’s where question number two comes in!

2. What problem do I solve for them?

Again, don’t start writing just yet.

We’re going to divide this one up just a bit so we can go past surface level.

First, think about the external problem you solve and list that. If you’re a realtor, you’re helping your clients sell their home or buy their home. If you’re a mechanic, you’re fixing their cars or trucks. You get the idea.

Now, let’s go a bit deeper and look at the internal problems that you solve.

What are internal problems? You can think of this as the hopes, dreams, fears, frustrations your customers are facing on a regular basis.

Going back to the realtor example, you’re helping your clients find a home but what you’re really doing for them is helping them to live their dream of homeownership, provide for their family, or have a fun place for their kids and friends to hang out.

Or, if you’re a mechanic, then yes, you’re fixing cars. But you’re doing more than that. You are providing a way for your customers to get where they need to be safely, to get to work on time because they have a reliable car, or maybe to live out their childhood dream of owning a sports car.

Make sense?

If you’re struggling with identifying your audience’s internal problems, I love this list of 18 questions you can ask yourself. It will help you better understand your customers and the internal struggles they’re facing.

Okay, can you believe it? You’ve officially gotten a jump-start on your marketing!

Now that you know who you’re talking to and what problem you’re solving for them, marketing your business will feel much more natural.

It’s time to go find your people!


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