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Why Email Marketing Feels Like Spam and 3 Ways to Do It Well Instead

When I ask horse business owners why they don’t give email marketing a try, one of the biggest reasons is they feel like they’re spamming people. I bet you can relate! The good news is that if you follow the advice in this podcast, then you won’t be spamming at all.

Welcome to the show notes! Remember, this is a brief summary from the How to Market Your Horse Business podcast. You'll want to listen to the entire episode for all the good stuff!

Building an active and engaged email list has the potential to change your horse business this year.

No matter your niche in the equine industry or your business size, it can work for you.

But, I know that you’ve heard me talk about the benefits often on the podcast. And some of you are hung up on a few roadblocks.

We address a handful of roadblocks last week, but this week, I want to dive into one in particular that I know is holding a lot of you back from actually experiencing the benefits of email marketing for your horse business.

The roadblock: It feels like spam.

It’s true, one of the top reasons that people unsubscribe from emails is because they get too many emails. So, it's good to be aware of what could happen.

However, if you are delivering valuable content—not just selling, selling, selling—and, if you have been intentional about getting the right people on your email list, then you don’t have to worry that you’re spamming people.

The ones who find your emails valuable will stick around. And, those who don’t are most likely not your potential buyers. So, it’s okay if they leave, right?

In that way, email is a great self-filtering option to help you connect with the right people.

So, let's say you're considering trying it but you're still a little weary. That's why I'm here!

You can do some specific things to be sure that you aren't viewed as spam by your email friends. Here you go!

3 Ways to Keep from Spamming Your Email List

  1. Serve more than you sell.

  2. When you do sell, speak to the wants and desires of your best-fit audience.

  3. Pay attention to your stats—see what's working well and what's not.

Of course, you'll want to listen to the full episode to dig into each of these tips and discover how you can use each one in your horse business!

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