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3 Reasons You Avoid Setting Goals for Your Horse Business

What if not setting goals is keeping you from fully living out the dream you have for your business, your family, and yourself?

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Welcome to the show notes! Remember, this is a brief summary from the How to Market Your Horse Business podcast. You'll want to listen to the entire episode for all the good stuff!

Not everyone loves goals, and that’s okay. 

But, what if not setting goals is keeping you from fully living out the dream you have for your business, your family, and yourself? 

If you’ve been avoiding setting goals, let’s get real about the reason behind your avoidance. You may just discover that a fresh perspective is all you need to help you see it’s actually possible to set goals in a way that works for you. 

I’m not here to convince you to set a certain type of goal or follow a specific system to goal-setting. 

Instead, I want to open your eyes to help you see how wide the world is when it comes to goal-setting. And, how powerful goals can be when you embrace them in a way that fits with your personal view of life, values, and your own process. 

Just as horse trainers and riders learn from the best and couple that with their own experience to create their own programs, my encouragement to you is to be open to taking what could work for you and your business and build it into your own processes to make it your own. 

3 Reasons You Avoid Setting Goals for Your Horse Business

Reason #1


Perfectionism is real. What if you set a goal and you don’t meet it? Fear of failure is real, and you don’t want to feel like a failure. (Who does?!)

Or, maybe you’re afraid the pressure to meet a goal will steal the joy you have in what you’re doing. Perhaps you’ve actually tried goals and it did steal the joy. 

Fresh perspective (AKA mindset shift): 

Consider this: Kobe Bryant said that for him, failure doesn’t exist. 

“It’s a figment of your imagination,” he said. “If you fail on Monday, the only way it’s a failure is if you decide to not progress from that.” 

When the interviewer asked if he would have seen his career as a failure if he hadn’t won a championship, do you know what he said? 

Essentially, his answer was, “It would be a disappointment, but not a failure because I would learn from it.” 

NOTE: Scroll down for the link to listen to his full interview clip on failure. It’s golden! 

If you can release the fear of failure, then could goals work for your horse business? 

Reason #2

You can’t see past the daily grind of business.   

As an equestrian entrepreneur, you wear many hats. Sometimes ALL the hats, and within the span of an hour. 

Your daily to-do list doesn’t leave room for considering goals. 

Working in the business is the priority. Goal setting is working “on” the business, and you’re struggling with that. 

Fresh perspective (AKA mindset shift): 

Focus on who you are becoming, rather than just the things you are doing, or rather than putting more “things” on a goals list. 

I listened to professional barrel racer Fallon Taylor share about her mindset around setting goals, and it was enlightening to this idea. 

Before she was married, she actually made a list of the qualities she wanted in a husband. And then, instead of focusing on finding that type of guy, she asked herself, “What kind of woman would a guy like that want to date?”

From there, she set about working on who she was becoming rather than doing the things to find the guy. And guess what? She found the guy. 

This “becoming” idea is not about copying the behavior of the person you want to be like. It’s about embracing the type of person, the characteristics, and qualities of the business owner you want to be. 

What are the characteristics of a successful business owner in your eyes? Before you even set a goal, decide who you want to become. Then, let that guide your goals.  

Reason #3


In the past, you’ve set goals based on what you feel you should be doing based on what everyone else around you is doing. 

Your success measure – and thus your goals – has been based on what you see others in your field or niche doing. 

For example, you’ve set a goal for the of number of followers you want on social media because you see so and so with thousands of followers. Or you set a “six-figure business owner” goal solely because that’s the hype you see in the entrepreneur space. 

Fresh perspective (AKA mindset shift): 

Start with a clear view of what you are working towards. 

What’s the vision you have for your equestrian business? Base your goals on that picture.

Remember: Success is personal to you! 

Also remember, your goals, your horse business is not who you are. It is part of you. So, be careful you don’t lose yourself, your identity in it. 


At the heart of each of these objections or reasons you’re avoiding goals is a common thread: a limiting belief. 

A limiting belief is thought or state of mind that you think is the absolute truth and stops you from doing certain things. It’s holding you back. 

I don’t have enough time. 

It’s not possible 

It has to be perfect.

These are all limiting beliefs. 

So, what’s the common limiting belief in these three reasons for avoiding goals?  

I can’t do goals. 

Can I challenge you with a new thought to grab onto? 

I can do goals in a way that works for me. 

Because I know you can do this. 

Step 1: Identify what it is that’s made you avoid goal-setting. 

Step 2: See if that coordinating fresh perspective opens your eyes to a new way of doing goals. 

Over the years, I’ve participated in goal-setting trainings, read books, and listened to podcasts and I’ve developed a system that works for me. Of course, I tweak it a bit each year. 

If you’re ready to get super practical with your goal-setting, get my FREE Goal Setting Cheat Sheet →

And, if you already have a clear vision you’re working towards with your business and are ready to take the next step with marketing coaching to get you there, apply for Take the Reins, my 1:1 coaching program for equestrian entrepreneurs

Of course, you'll want to listen to the full episode to dig into each of the insights I shared and discover how you can apply each one in your horse business!


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