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For the equestrian entrepreneur ready to ditch the marketing overwhelm and finally have a clear plan to book new customers and clients online
Marketing your horse business doesn’t have to mean spending countless hours learning to create trending reels or hundreds of dollars in Facebook ads. 
Take the Reins is a personalized 1:1 coaching program for equestrian entrepreneurs who want to create a cohesive social media, website, and email marketing strategy in 3 months.
Stop treating social media like a one-stop marketing shop. 

Here’s what I know: You want to book new customers and clients online. And badly!


But so far, your efforts are comin’ up short.


Sure, you’ve learned some lessons along the way (like what NOT to do). But, no matter how much you work at it… you still somehow backslide into old habits like posting “Great ride today.”  Or, you put a band-aid on your website by updating a few pics but you can’t seem to gain any traction.


The thing is... you’re COMMITTED to following in your God-given calling and bringing your horse business dreams to life -- and cracking the code on how to weave together social media, website and email marketing to get people to book your services.


You’ve already tried…

  • Piecemealing your marketing plan by taking a little of this and a little of that from a quick Google search

  • Mimicking what you see your competitors doing with their social media profiles

  • Writing the words for your website on your own (cue the late nights and stress eating as you learn copywriting is not for the faint of heart)

It’s frustrating and demoralizing to feel like you’ve tried (or at least considered) it all, and to be honest you’re TIRED and ready for a different way.

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Real Talk: The reason those things haven’t worked for you is you didn’t have a clear path to follow that’s centered around the goals you have for your horse business—a strategy for building connections with the right people online and turning them into your customers. 

Hint: Post when possible is not a marketing strategy.


Neither is creating content for everyone versus for your right person.

I’ve seen clients struggle with this over and over again, which is why I created Take the Reins.

With this program, I’ve helped 1:1 clients create a personalized social media content plan, uplevel their customer’s website experience, and develop a doable email marketing strategy—all in 3 months. 

If you’re truly ready to create a social media, website and email marketing plan that you can implement on your own, Take the Reins was designed specifically to help you get there.

My approach is different than just hiring a web designer or outsourcing your social media. 

I’m a horse girl so I get you and your people. 

We're in this together. As your coach, I work with you every step of the way so you have the professional support you need. 


I bring my marketing expertise combined with my love for creating tools and templates to every coaching call. 


I’ll be your biggest supporter and cheerleader. You know I’m in your corner so you never have to worry about asking a “dumb” question along the way.

Over your 3 months in Take the Reins, we'll make a clear plan for the following areas:


Clarify who you’re marketing to and the way you speak to them so your content will attract the right person.


Create a detailed social media plan so you know what days to post and even what to say in each post to build connections.


Connect your customer to a  clearly defined  journey with simple navigation and powerful copy.


Communicate with (and sell to) your right people when you show up in their inbox on a regular basis.

Equestrian entrepreneurs with specific criteria are invited to apply for Take the Reins

Due to the personalized nature of the program, I can only accept a limited number of participants at any given time.  


And, because of my guarantee below, I only work with those who are qualified and ready to show up and do the work, to dive deep into your goals and create (and implement!) a personalized marketing plan that’ll help you achieve them.  


That’s why it’s super important every Take the Reins client is truly ready for this level of growth -- for consistently building new connections online that lead to bookings -- and has the attitude and drive to make the most of your time in Take the Reins to get there!

Supporting equestrian entrepreneurs in building your dream horse business is exciting, to say the least.  But, before I commit to work with you in this program, let’s make sure you’re qualified (and ready)


Equestrian entrepreneurs who have a God-given vision for your business. You know where you want to go. You just need a leg up to get your marketing in line with your goals. 


Dedicated equestrian entrepreneurs who are ready to trade time staring at your phone trying to figure out what to say on social media for a step-by-step plan. You want to know what to say and how to say it to both get new followers and turn those followers into customers


Growth-oriented equestrian entrepreneurs who take action because you know where you’re going and you’re willing to do what it takes to get you there.


Equestrian entrepreneurs who prioritize giving your customers a high-quality experience. You care about their journey with you, from first interaction on social to your website contact form to getting your emails in their inbox.


People who believe social media is all you need to market your equine business. You’re okay renting space online and putting all your trust in the ever-changing algorithm instead of owning your customer’s experience.  

People that have a track record of FTI - Failure To Implement. If you tend to consume information more than actually doing the work, this is not for you.

People who let your fear of tech keep you from actually working on your equestrian business. I promise to keep it simple, but if Google Docs or Word are too much to handle, this isn’t the program for you. 

People still in the ideation phase of your horse business. If you don’t have an existing business or offer created, you’re not quite ready for Take the Reins. 


The format of Take the Reins is what makes it truly unique and makes it work so well.


When we get to talk, I’ll explain the entire format and structure in detail.

For now, what’s most important to know is that you’ll get a blend of…

In your twice-monthly 90-minute intensives on Zoom, I’ll take you step-by-step through my Saddle Up & Go framework throughout our 3 months together.


With my clear and proven process guiding each call, you can rest assured I've got your success in mind.


You’ll receive homework after every Zoom intensive so you can immediately begin building those important customer relationships.


All homework plus tools and templates I've created to get you started will be accessed via Google Drive Docs and Sheets. 


As a Take the Reins client, you’ll have direct access to personal support so you can send me your questions as you implement the plan we create together.


With messaging support between calls, you’ll get all of the personal attention and feedback you need!

Here's what's waiting for you on the other side ...

When you complete Take the Reins, you'll have a plan you can implement on your own. When you have a plan, then you'll get your time back so you can do what you really want to do—the reason you started your horse business in the first place.



We'll create a detailed social media plan so you know what days to post, how to use the different types of posts available, and even what to say in each post to build connections with potential customers.


With an in-depth website audit, you'll know what to change, update or overhaul so that your website is working to not just connect you with the right person but to guide them to the next step in working with you.


Design and deliver a valuable free resource to build an email list of your best-fit audience. AND, have a plan for what to say in your emails.
(Hint: Not emailing your list is often the hang-up that keeps equestrian entrepreneurs from seeing results!) 

My guarantee to you.

I am 100% committed to helping you build connections online that lead to customers.

That said, you might still have hesitations about whether what you’re reading on this page is truly possible for you and if Take the Reins is the best choice to get you there. Here’s the deal: Take the Reins is an elite option and the investment reflects that. That might make you question if it’s really “worth it,” and I get that.

So, here’s a guarantee you can bank on:

I promise you that if you participate in all of the calls, implement all of the work, and do not make online connections that lead to customers as a result of Take the Reins, then I will work with you for free until you do.


If you’re truly ready for a clear marketing plan that you can implement on your own and willing to do the work to get there with the guidance and support of Take the Reins, there is absolutely no reason NOT to apply today.

You have the ability to book new customers online. 

But what you’ve been doing hasn’t been working. It’s time for that to stop, once and for all. 

You’re here because you’re an equestrian entrepreneur who’s SO done with….

Spending hours every week watching everyone else use social media to grow while you struggle to come up with one good post a week.


Doing a ton of DIY copywriting on your website, and simply NOT seeing the results you want.

Trying, reading, learning, and consuming EVERYTHING marketing-related, from online classes to following marketing experts on social, yet still feeling really unclear about how it applies to your horse business. 

Being so focused on trying to fit marketing into your already-tight schedule that you're worried you’ll never figure it out. Maybe waiting is the answer. Spoiler: it’s not.


Investing in courses and programs that don’t or won’t help you because you need a personalized approach. 

You’re tired of wasting time, money, and energy on methods that give you ZERO results.

You’re ready for REAL answers. REAL support. REAL results. 

Which is why you’re the perfect candidate for Take the Reins. 

You know what happens when you finally know how to market your horse business with ease?

You wake up every morning EXCITED to jump on social media, because you have the knowledge you need to handle it like a PRO and not get sucked into scrolling before posting.

You book clients with ease because you’re confident you’re creating content that gets the right people to your website and email list.

You have more time to be out in the barn or arena or behind the camera now that you’re not STRESSING about marketing.

Results don’t happen by accident.

They happen because you have followed a system and process, taken the steps, done the work, and received the help necessary to get where you want to go. Period.

If you’re
ready to finally have a clear path to building connections that lead to customers online, let’s do this.
Hear directly from equestrian entrepreneurs just like you who’ve experienced results from my marketing coaching first-hand.

Before I worked with Denise, I felt overwhelmed and that I did not have a coherent plan for marketing and promoting my business.


She was able to help me really focus on my core customer and understand their needs so I could speak more directly to them.

Anne M.  |  Horse Report System

It's great to finally feel like I  found the voice for my business to be able to put  forward so that potential clients can come and actually understand why I do what I do.

Kaly Z.  |  The Equine Studio


Working with Denise makes me feel like I have someone on my team who cares about my success!


I can focus on the things I’m best at and not stress about marketing.

Shelley P.  |  Shelley Paulson Photography

Now that I am honed in on who my ideal client is, it has helped me with the copy on the website, with my social media plan, and everything else marketing-related.

Leigh W.  |  In Focus Solutions

Today's the day, my friend.

In Take the Reins, you’ll finally feel confident that you know exactly what to do to market your horse business online — that your social media is building connections and that your website is leading visitors on a clear path to becoming your customers.


Are you ready?


Unlike other online-based coaching programs, Take the Reins is not just serving up pre-recorded content for you to consume and apply on your own.


Take the Reins is different in its focus on personalized, high-touch coaching. 


As a client in Take the Reins, you will be not only be guided step-by-step through my Saddle Up & Go framework, but you will be equipped! You’ll get access to my customizable tools and templates AND we’ll outline and design your lead magnet and even audit your website - TOGETHER. 


The best part is how absolutely do-able this will be, once you have the right framework and support in your corner. 

Don’t spend another moment stalking my content and re-reading this page. 

If you know this is for you, trust yourself enough to take this step.

Because your horse business with a consistent flow of potential customers is waiting.

011_stormlily_2021 copy.jpg

Hi there! I'm Denise Alvarez, host of the How to Market Your Business Podcast, and a horse girl who loves marketing. 

That's exactly why I started Stormlily Marketing—to help equine entrepreneurs who have a vision for their business and need a leg up with marketing to get there.  


If that's where you are—you want strategic yet practical coaching for your social media, website and overall marketing strategy from someone who truly cares about your success—then I'm your girl!

I believe God has an amazing plan for your life, family, and business. And, I can't wait to help you on your journey


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