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The premier done-for-you website package to get your business online and turn your website visitors into your customers, using just one page.


You're tired of saying you're going to get a website built and having nothing to show for it.


Social media has helped but potential customers still ask to see your website.


You want a place in the online world that will actually help you serve your current and potential customers well, to build those all-important relationships.


If you're going to do something, you do it with excellence. That's one reason it's taken you so long to decide ...


The reality is, while you're ready for a website, you're not quite ready for a full-fledged, five to ten-page website. (Although you know you'll get there!)  


Good news! Great websites don’t have to have a lot of pages.


Actually, a great place to start is with a beautiful one-page website.





The premier done-for-you website package to get your business online and turn your website visitors into your customers, using just one page.

Having a hard time picturing this? I created a sample just for you!


Now that you've got a feel for what's possible, here's what you'll get when we work together for your new site. I will ...

Be your go-to person for all things website

Invest time learning about your business and industry. 

Help you ask all the right questions before starting

Figure out what should go on your site

Write the words for your website (In a way that’s optimized to convert your website visitors into your customers, of course!) 
(This is a huge deal! Did you know content and copy aren't usually included with website design packages? And the words are what really help you sell!)  

Create a plan for generating leads on your website (see plan options below)

HI, i'm denise!

And I love helping horse business owners see clearly when it comes to marketing your business online—especially, through great websites that bring you quality leads. 


From product launches to website overhauls and branding refreshes, I’ve successfully managed strategic marketing projects for a variety of businesses. It's from that experience I want to help you create a website that turns your site visitors into your customers. Why? So you can be out in the barn or arena doing more of what you love to do!



Forget that overwhelmed feeling, or feeling like you don't know what's going on with your own website. 


I’ll walk you through the website creation process, from the first brainstorming and idea session until we publish it to the world. Plus, you'll be all set to collect leads.

And you'll even know what to do with them so you can actually grow your business.*


And then we'll have a celebratory toast for all the great things ahead for your business!

Here's the breakdown.







We’ll go over the basics of your business and your website goals. What do you do and who do you do it for? We’ll talk technical details, like your website hosting platform and domain.



Now it's time for the fun part! I'll take the info from our discovery call to wireframe your website. Once we're set on the copy and layout, I'll design the one-page website that's going to help grow your business.




I'll set you up to generate leads on your site so you can collect email addresses in exchange for a valuable freebie. You'll get a doable email marketing plan so you can keep in touch with your growing email list.

*As part of your Deluxe or Premium Service




WHAt are

clients saying?

"Before I worked with Denise, I was completely frustrated and lost with trying to set up my business website. I struggled for months with the technical aspects and figuring out how to market myself.  

Now I am hopeful for the future of my freelance writing business because Denise's coaching really helped me zero in on my messaging AND she built a beautiful, professional website. I also feel like I really have a leg up on lead generation! 

I told Denise several times how much I appreciated her coaching. She truly partnered with me on this project!"


Just like you want to find a riding instructor or horse trainer that's a fit for you and your goals, you should take time to be sure the person building your website gets what you want in your business.


Stormlily Marketing is right for your website marketing if you ...

Are a forward-thinking horse business owner who wants to grow your business.


Don’t want the hassle of going between designers, developers, and copywriters to get the website that you want.


Have no idea where to start with your website and need someone you can trust that can speak “human” and “marketing” and “website” all while keeping the interests of your business front and center.


Believe that having a strategic website plan in place can catapult your business to the next level. 

If that’s you, then explore my three One-Page Website package options. Which one is right for you?



"Just give me the website right now."



Brand Message & Identity

Website Content Plan

Conversion-Optimized Copy

Website Design (1 page)

Mobile-ready Site

Basic SEO Optimization

FREE: 2 Weeks Maintenance

FREE: Video Training (1 hour)



"Leads? Yes, please! I've got my email system ready to go."



Brand Message & Identity

Website Content Plan

Conversion-Optimized Copy

Website Design (1 pages)

Mobile-ready Site

Basic SEO Optimization

PLUS: Collect Leads

FREE: 2 Weeks Maintenance

FREE: Video Training (1 hour)


Hurry! Your potential customers are out there waiting for you.


"I'm all-in! Let's do the website and the email marketing."


Brand Message & Identity

Website Content Plan

Conversion-Optimized Copy

Website Design (1 page)

Mobile-ready Site

Basic SEO Optimization

PLUS: Collect Leads

PLUS: Email Marketing

FREE: 2 Weeks Maintenance

FREE: Video Training (1 hour)


Imagine walking into a store and someone says hello but that's about it. 

You get the feeling they could care less about you as a customer or even a person. 

And when you leave, you never go back. Even if you need what they're selling. 

Well, that's what happens when you have a website with no way to collect email addresses (also known as leads in the online marketing world).

Your website visitors go to your website, look around (if you've made it easy for them) and then get sidetracked by the next thing on their list.
And you never even know they were there!

Now, imagine your website has something awesome available for free (checklist, how-to guide, etc.).

It's so great the people who land on your website and are actually in your target market are willing to give you their email address to get it. Get excited—you now have a lead!

But that's not all. It gets even better!

What would you do with an email list, you ask? First of all, you want to stay in touch with at least a bi-weekly email. Don't worry it can be something simple as long as it's providing value. This matters because you'll be building your know, like, and trust factor (super-important!).


Who do people buy from? People and companies they know, like, and trust. 

Now is the fun part where you get to think of some fun promotion ideas. And guess who wants to hear about your new promo ... that's right, your email list!


Get ready to convert your website visitors into your paying customers.

So, what's included when we work together to create your lead generation and email marketing system?

Lead Generation

I will ...

  • Create the content for your freebie

  • Have it designed to match your branding

  • Set up the sign-up form on your website

  • Set up delivery via your email service provider

Email Marketing

I will ...

  • Set up your email service provider 

  • Provide recommendations if you don't already have a provider

  • Create a calendar with idea bank for your regular emails

  • Provide training so you can easily send emails to your list 

Email marketing is far from dead, my friend. It's fully alive and well.
And your business is about to experience that first-hand!

What platform do you use?

The prices you see are based on using the Wix platform for your website. Interested in using a different platform such as WordPress or Squarespace? Let’s talk about your options! (We’ll also talk about the different pricing options for using a different platform.)

Does the price listed include hosting?

The price does not include typical website fees such as domain and hosting. But I’m happy to help guide you through that process!

How long will the process take?

Basic Package | 3 to 4 weeks Deluxe Package | 4 to 6 weeks Premium Package | 6 to 10 weeks With the Premium package, you can expect to have your one-page website published by 6 weeks; at that time, we'll focus on the email marketing strategy.

How do you accept payment?

Once we confirm the package that’s a fit for you, I will send an agreement and an invoice via email. I accept credit card and bank payments through a secure online payment processor.

Do you have payment plans?

I’m glad you asked! Option 1: Pay 100% and get $50 off Option 2: Pay 50% deposit and 50% just before final delivery.

Do you do membership or e-commerce sites?

It depends. Because of the additional work required, I do membership and e-commerce sites on a selective basis for an additional charge. If you have one in mind, go ahead and get in touch. We can talk about possibilities and see if we’re a fit for each other.

Is mobile-ready the same as a responsive website?

I'm glad you asked because there is a difference between mobile-ready and responsive. A mobile-ready site has actually been designed to optimize the mobile experience. It will reflect the desktop version but may not be exactly the same, depending on what's needed. A responsive website simply resizes everything you see on the desktop version of the site. I'll be delivering a mobile-ready site so you can be sure that your website will look just as good for your mobile visitors as it will for those who visit the site on their desktop computer!

If I use social media (i.e. Facebook), do I really need a website?

Yes! Why? Because Facebook or any other social media platform, while a great tool, actually holds the keys and you just rent the space. That means, they are the ones who control how you get in touch with your potential customers. Plus, they have all the contact information, not you. On the other hand, with a website and lead generation system, you're talking directly to the customer and you're in charge of the conversation.
(I believe it so much I wrote about this in a blog post. Here it is:

What happens when I need to update my site or want to add a page (or pages)?

When I hand over your finished website, you'll get live training with me to be sure you're ready to make minor updates to your site. When it comes to major updates or adding new pages, I'll be happy to help out on a per-page or per-hour basis!


Stormlily Marketing-logo_2020.png