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5 Content Ideas for Your Email Newsletter

Do you struggle with knowing what to put in your emails? If you’re going to send them more often than just when you have big news and updates, what should you put in it? You’re going to get some inspiration with 5 content ideas for your next email newsletter.


how to market your horse business podcast episode 8

Welcome to the show notes! This is a brief summary of the podcast. You'll want to listen to the entire episode for all the good stuff!

Today we’re talking about email marketing. More specifically, email newsletters.

If you’ve been with me on the podcast before, then you know how I feel about email marketing. It’s a huge missed opportunity for marketing that I’m passionate about sharing.

Why? Because it works!

On the podcast, I shared about a client who recently texted me. She'd sent an email to the list she's been building since this summer when we worked together.

She’s had a lot going on so she hasn’t yet consistently emailed her list. But she does every now and then when she has some updates to share.

This last week she texted me that she sent an email out to let her email friends know what’s new, what clinics are coming up at their barn, and what new products they have in their online store which they call their tack shop.

Well, that email delivered more than she expected! She had multiple clinic registrations plus almost $500 in sales in her online tack shop!

All from one email to a list of people that actually asked to get her emails.

So, in case you needed a gentle reminder, this stuff works, my friend.

Now, the one question or stumbling block I often hear is that business owners have no idea what to put in their emails. If you’re going to send them more often than for just news and updates, what should you put in it?

That’s why I put together today’s podcast episode.

Here are the 5 content ideas for your next email newsletter:

  1. Tell a transformative client or customer story.

  2. Provide education.

  3. Focus on events.

  4. Announce a sale or a special offer.

  5. Link to social media posts.

Of course, this is the simplified version of what we talked about in this episode, so be sure to give it a listen for more detail on each of these content ideas!

Links mentioned in this episode:

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