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The Secret to Going from Willy-Nilly to Strategic With Your Marketing

Are you ready to go from disorganized and spur-of-the-moment to showing up on social with a plan? In this episode, you’ll learn the key to being consistent and strategic throughout your social media, website, and email marketing.

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Welcome to the show notes! Remember, this is a brief summary from the How to Market Your Horse Business podcast. You'll want to listen to the entire episode for all the good stuff!

When it comes to marketing your equestrian business, have you felt a little hap-hazard?

In other words, you’re doing a little here and there with no real strategy behind it?

Your social media exists but it’s inconsistent. Or, you’re getting traction in terms of followers but that hasn’t meant any sales or leads yet.

Your website exists but it hasn’t been updated or touched in years. Your approach has been “it works” rather than making sure it is actually working for you to bring in new leads and build an email list of qualified potential customers.

And, last but not least, email marketing—the marketing tool most horse businesses underestimate—means you have the form on your website but not much else happens from there.

So, what’s missing?

You have not defined success when it comes to your business and your marketing. It’s truly shooting in the dark.

You need a clear path to follow that’s centered around the goals you have for your horse business—a strategy for building connections with the right people online and turning them into your customers.

When you know what success is for you and your horse business, then you have a filter for making strategic decisions around four key areas that impact your marketing.

4 Key Areas that Impact Your Equestrian Marketing Strategy

  1. Learning Consume education and learn from the marketing experts who are going to help you meet your goals. Not every marketing educator is right for where you are in your business.

  2. Consistency When you know that success for you is booking a certain number of clients or calls per month and you have a plan for how to do that, then that feeds your motivation to be consistent online.

  3. People People buy from people. So, stop considering your number of followers as your measure of success. What numbers are attributing to your sales? That's what you should measure.

  4. Plan With success defined, you’ll be ready to invest time and money into marketing your horse business because you know how to measure your ROI. That feeds your marketing plan - your email, website, and social media marketing now have a purpose and you have a way to measure if it’s working.

Knowing your definition of success is paramount. It’s why I spend the first session in Take the Reins, my 1:1 coaching program, learning about your goals as a business owner. Then, we dive into how you’re going to get there with a cohesive strategy for your social media, website, and email marketing.

Of course, you'll want to listen to the full episode to dig into each of the insights I shared and discover how you can apply each one in your horse business!


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