Do you ever feel like you’re lunging in circles with no end in sight when it comes to your social media content? 


You don’t know when to post, how to post, or what to post to connect with your ideal customers. 


As a monthly membership, Social Stride is the ideal social media resource for the horse business owner that wants to make the most of social media to market your business but needs a leg up to get you going each month. 

My goal is to make social media marketing doable for you so that you'll take consistent action.

When you join Social Stride, each month you'll get ...

  • Calendar of important (and fun) holidays and dates to remember

  • 10 monthly post caption templates you can personalize 

  • 10 photo ideas to help you build a bank of usable photos 

  • Group coaching plus “power hour” via Zoom where I’ll give a quick 10-minute teaching on an aspect of marketing and then guide you through planning and scheduling your monthly social media content. 

It's simple to use. No login to remember or portal to navigate. You’ll get an email the first of each month with what you need to plan your content. 


No more wondering what to post. Have it scheduled ahead of time with room in there for your “in the moment” posts that you just can’t wait to share. 

Introductory Rate: $9.95/month or $99.00/year

As a founding member of Social Stride, you can secure your monthly membership now and your price will never go up as long as you're an active member!


What does a “caption template” include?

Caption template refers to the text of your post on social media. Below is a FREE SAMPLE of what’s coming out April 1 since I realize this may be a little "what's that?" for some people: - - - - Let’s talk about ___(saddle fit, gates, nutrition, pick a topic related to your audience). Here are the top five things that I look for when I ___ (specific item related to the topic you selected above). 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Did any of these surprise you? (Goal is to end with a question. Could also ask, What’s on your list?) - - - - So, as a member of Social Stride you’d get 10 different templates each month. (And please, feel free to take and use this one as my gift to you!)

I’m a total social media newbie. Is this coaching help for someone like me or for people who are already social media savvy?

It's not for people who are already social media savvy, unless they really just want help with content ideas. :-) So, you'll fit right in!

What do you mean by photo ideas?

The photo ideas I'll give will be attached to the templates. So, for the example above, I'd say, "Photo ideas: 1. you on your horse opening a gate 2. a gate latch 3. you pouring feed."

It looks like you’re going to focus on Facebook and Instagram. Any possibility of adding Pinterest or other platforms?

Starting out, yes, the captions are more geared toward Facebook and Instagram. But I do love the idea of talking about Pinterest too. I'm definitely open as time goes to adding or supplementing! And the beauty of it is, as I add to the membership and later on increase the price to reflect the added value, you’ll still be in at the founding $9.95/month or $99/year price!

Are the group coaching events live? Always on the 1st of the month? At what time? Are they recorded in the event you can’t make a particular event?

The group coaching events will be live via Zoom. It won’t be "webinar-style" but instead "meeting-style" so that we can see one another and interact. I’ll provide a recording to members within 48 hours of the event. The date for April is not yet released. With the email that comes on the first of the month, I'll also release the day/time for the live coaching event of the month.


Complete this brief form and then you'll get a payment link to your inbox.

Your membership is official as soon as your payment processes.

The first member-only deliverables will be in your inbox on April 1 and then on the first day of each month.

I'm asking for your social media info so I can connect with you there. If you don't have one of the options, just leave it blank. No worries!


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