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Behind-the-Scenes Look at A Successful Open House [with Jennifer Hurt of JR's Equine Spa & Retreat]

From bringing in new potential customers to showcasing what your business can do and shining a light on other businesses in your area, a well-planned open house has the potential to be a revenue-generator for your business.


how to market your horse business podcast episode 9

Welcome to the show notes! This is a brief summary of the podcast. You'll want to listen to the entire episode for all the good stuff!

If you've ever wondered if an open house could be a good way to get new people in your doors, my podcast guest today would tell you it's a resounding "Yes!"

This fall, my mom and I visited an event for JR's Equine Spa & Retreat, a new equine business that was hosting a grand opening and open house. It was complete with clinics on site and even some booths for shopping. And we had such a great time!

There were a couple different clinicians which I thought was really smart because not everyone is drawn to the same type of communication or teaching style. And the booths were fun, and there was even food through a partnership with their local FFA.

Plus, as you’ll hear, it’s basically a spa and retreat center for horses to receive rehabilitation services and they had a unique opportunity to learn about the services they’re providing to horses during the open house.

I loved it so much that I invited owner Jennifer Hurt to be on the podcast! Many of you have or hope to have open houses of your own and you'll get some great ideas and inspiration from hearing what did and didn't work well for Jennifer.

Now, I realize your open house may have to look a little different depending on your location right now because of the current pandemic situation.

But I want you to remember a couple of things as you listen.

For one, you can be creative and incorporate some virtual aspects like a Facebook event where you do a live video at different times throughout the event so people can experience it even if they are’t there.

And secondly, we won’t be in this climate forever. So, take note of some of the ideas that Jennifer shares with you here and get inspired to come up with new ideas for your own event because it will get to happen at some point, hopefully in the near future.

And with that, you're ready to listen in on my chat with Jennifer!

Here's what you'll learn about hosting a successful open house:

  1. Why you should take advantage of free avenues such as Facebook events.

  2. How to plan an event from the perspective of your customers.

  3. The benefit of having multiple areas for attendees to visit during an open house event.

  4. How to know if your event is a success. (Hint: new business is a good thing!)

  5. Jennifer's best advice for any new horse business owner with a big dream in their heart.

Of course, this is the simplified version of what we talked about in my interview with Jennifer, so be sure to give it a listen for more detail on each of these open house ideas!

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