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5 Things Groundwork Can Teach You About Marketing

Sometimes you learn the most valuable lessons in the most unexpected places. That’s what happened to me as I got back into horses a few years ago. Here are the five marketing takeaways I learned from groundwork.

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I remember so vividly when I was in my early teens, our local Saddle Club would go on a trail ride together about this time of year.

There weren’t a ton of kids my age involved in the Saddle Club but I didn’t really mind because my best friend Kory and I would ride together. We both grew up around horses, and now that I’m older have such an appreciation for that.

A few years ago, though, I realized I didn’t take enough of an interest in all the things my dad was doing with our horses and other people’s horses, too, as I was growing up. Sure, I was around it all the time, but I wasn’t really absorbing as much as I wish I would have.

So, I decided it’s never too late to learn!

And for the past 4 years or so, I’ve been on a journey to learn all I can. And that’s where my introduction to the benefits and power and necessity of groundwork when working with horses came in.

Now, before you start thinking, “Denise, I work with horses all the time -- of course, groundwork is a game-changer. This is nothing new!”

Remember, this podcast is all about marketing for your horse business. So, I’m not going to pretend to be here to teach you anything about working with horses. That’s definitely your expertise!

I'm going to share some things that learning and practicing groundwork with horses has taught me in relation to marketing. And how you can apply these things to how you market your horse business.

Here are the 5 marketing takeaways I’ve learned from my short time doing groundwork with horses.

  1. You have to start somewhere. Are you someone that’s full of ideas and just doesn’t know where to start? Or, are you struggling because marketing seems like a four-letter-word to you and you’d just rather not have to think about it? Either way, if you want to grow a sustainable horse business, you’re going to have to just start marketing.

  2. If you lack focus, you’re not going to get much accomplished. Don't try every good idea you hear about to market your business, or do all the things you see so and so doing because it’s working for him or her. Pick just one or two ideas or strategies at a time and really focus on them.

  3. You gain confidence the more you do it. The more you expose yourself to marketing ideas and dip your toe in the water, the braver you’ll become and the more comfortable you’ll be with it. And as you do, you’ll start to see results over time which will give you another boost of confidence to keep going.

  4. You gain understanding the more you do it. Just as we’ll do better with our groundwork when we’re having a two-way conversation with the horse, you’ll do better with your marketing if you’ll actually engage in conversations with your customers, both current and future or potential.

  5. You’ll do better if you have someone coaching or guiding you along the way. That’s why we go to clinics to learn or buy training DVDs or have apprentice programs for trainers and farriers, right? Well, in marketing, it’s the same.

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