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6 Things Axe Throwing Can Teach You About Marketing

Sometimes you need to get out of your comfort zone to learn the most valuable lessons. That’s what happened to me when I went axe throwing. Here are the seven marketing takeaways I learned.

Have you ever been a little nervous to do something outside of your comfort zone but after you did it you were so glad you did?

That’s exactly how axe throwing was for me. Recently, my husband and I had a chance to get away for a date night and we wanted to do something a little different.

So, naturally, we landed at a place that offers axe throwing by the hour. And it was great!

At first, I was a little nervous. I mean, it is a real axe. And I have some accident-prone or clumsy tendencies from time to time.

But, I’m glad to report that I walked away with no injuries. Plus, I learned some super-valuable lessons that apply to marketing your business!

Here are the 6 marketing takeaways I learned from my axe-throwing night of fun.

1. If you lack focus, you won’t just miss the target—you’ll be way off.

When we first started, my mind was a little scattered because of my nerves. And you could tell! My husband recorded a couple of my throws and my very first one was horrible, to say the least. The axe basically went straight to the floor.

Marketing is no different! There are so many directions you can go to market your business and many of them will work.

But if you try to do all of it at once then you’ll diminish your return on investment big time.

And you won’t hit your goals.

Instead of trying every idea you hear about to market your business, pick just one or two at a time and really focus on them. When you focus your energy, you’ll get much better results.

2. Follow-through is everything.

The best tip Daniel gave me that night was to follow-through when throwing the axe. As soon as I started to do that, I saw improvement. And when I had a bad throw, I knew it was either my focus or my lack of follow-through that was to blame.

When it comes to marketing your business, it’s important to follow-through.

Did someone contact you with questions? Make the call or send the email.

Have you started collecting emails? Do something with them.

Do what you said you would do. And see your impact grow.

3. It’s good to go somewhere where you can’t be distracted.

Because I had to focus on my axe throws, I couldn’t think about the other million things that often compete for my mental attention. It was freeing.

As I was considering this lesson, I couldn’t help but think of business owners like you.

You have operations, finances, marketing, human resources, and many more details constantly vying for your attention. If you schedule just one hour a week to intentionally remove distractions and focus on marketing your business, you’ll be amazed at the clarity that comes.

4. Visualizing is good but that doesn’t guarantee instant results.

I wanted to hit the bullseye so badly! Sometimes I would take a moment just before my throw to visualize the axe leaving my hands and hitting the bullseye. But I still didn’t hit it!

Visualizing helped me focus my throw and think about my goal. And it helped me to hit the outlying circles which were worth some points. Enough points that I was the overall winner,, so that’s a win! Just not a bullseye.

Well, guess what. You should visualize what you want for the future of your business. And even be very specific about it, from how much you want to grow, who you want to serve, etc.

But you and I both know that visualizing alone doesn’t guarantee the results you want. It’s going to take some effort and a lot of hard work to get there. But it is possible!

5. There is a real technique, and the more you practice it the better you’ll get.

At the start of the night, we had a ton of misses. But by the end of the night, there was a definite improvement! With each throw, we were learning new areas of technique to focus on to get better.

Well, the same is true with marketing. You may be overwhelmed and think you just don’t have time to practice. But, I promise, when you put energy and resources into marketing your business well, you will get better at it. And when you feel overwhelmed with the website marketing, I’m here to help!

6. You have to just do it, you might surprise yourself.

When we walked away from our axe throwing adventure, I was pleasantly surprised. I’d wanted to try it but I didn’t know how much I’d really enjoy it!

Whether it’s because of time, money, energy, or plain overwhelm, you might not even feel like jumping into marketing or learning how to collect leads on your website.

But I guarantee that when you see those email addresses coming in, you’ll be surprised at how much you love it. You’ll be growing your business and thinking, “I wish I would have done this earlier!”

Well, there you have it! Six things I learned about marketing while throwing an axe.

So, are you ready? When you apply these takeaways to your business, you, my friend, can hit the bullseye with your website marketing.



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