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How to Use the Testimonials In Your Backpocket to Boost Your Marketing

When you’re ready to market your business, testimonials will be a necessity. But, don’t worry! You already have more testimonials on hand than you realize. Here’s how you can use testimonials to market your business in a real and authentic way.

how to market your horse business podcast episode 4

Welcome to the show notes! This is a brief summary of the podcast. You'll want to listen to the entire episode for all the good stuff!

Today we’re talking about client and customer testimonials. Of course, clients and customers are one and the same, depending on the business you’re in so I’ll use those words interchangeably.

I’ll be sharing how you probably already have more testimonials available than you realize. And how you can take those and use them to help you market your business in a real and authentic way.

Plus, I’ve invited my friend Lindsay Hayes-Cofell onto the podcast again. You may remember she was with me on Episode #2 as we dove headfirst into email marketing for horse businesses.

If the word testimonials sounds too formal or too much like marketing speak then just think of it as customer stories. Because that’s what the most effective testimonials are—they tell a story about your customer’s journey.

The best testimonials cover three main areas:

  • What was life like before they came to you?

  • What was their experience like working with you?

  • And what is life like for them now and in what way or ways is it better than it was before?

That doesn’t mean you’ve got to have an entire paragraph for every testimonial you share.

It just means that telling a transformation story of a person getting from point A to point B is going to be a much more powerful way to use your testimonials than just sharing a quote where your customer talks about how great you are.

But we get into that more as I talked with Lindsay. So, here's the highlight reel of how you can use the testimonials in your backpocket to market your horse business. You'll learn ...

  • The least likely or maybe least thought of ways that you can get testimonials from your customers.

  • The best ways to get your testimonials organized.

  • Creative ways to use client success stories in your marketing.

  • What to say when you share client testimonials. (Including an example of a great testimonial and a not-so-great testimonial.)

So, what about you?

Are you walking away from this episode with one or two things you can apply in your own business? I’d love to hear what they are!

Jump into my free How to Market Your Horse Business Facebook community and let me know!

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