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3 Ways Collecting Email Addresses Leads to More Sales

Can collecting email addresses really lead to more sales for your business? Absolutely! No matter what business you're in, here's how you can get more sales by building and engaging with your email list.

Are you tired of the seemingly endless search for your next sale or client?

Perhaps you’re looking for ways to bring more traffic into your store. You keep paying for ads but aren’t seeing a return on your investment.

Well, I have great news for you!

There is one small change that you can make that, if done right, will generate sales for your business. Start collecting email addresses. More specifically, build your email list.

What’s the difference? You may already be collecting email addresses. For example, you ask for emails on your client intake form or when you email invoices or talk about project details via email. But, that’s not what we’re talking about here.

In order to generate sales through email, you need to intentionally collect email addresses to build a qualified email list.

And then use your email list to stay in touch with your customers, both current and future, on a regular basis.

I guarantee you—no matter what type of business you own, you can generate more sales when you build and nurture a qualified email list for your business.

How can I be so sure?

There are three ways building and nurturing a qualified email list for your business will help you generate more sales:

1. You Are Providing Value

It’s easy to look at your email list as something that exists for you—we are talking about generating sales after all. But the best way to think of it is as another opportunity for you to serve your current and future customers.

How can you add value through emails? Lots of ways! If you’re a fitness guru, provide workout ideas. In a food-related business? Provide recipes or meal ideas. You get the idea.

The key is to give them something they actually want and value. Which means you can also send them special deals and discounts that are only available to your email friends. You just want to be sure that’s not the only thing you include.

As you provide value to your email list, you are showing that you care about them and building trust in your company. And when they believe you care, they are much more likely to want to buy from you.

2. You Will Learn About Your Customers

What do you know about your customers? What do they like? What do they wish they could find that you might be able to provide? How was their most recent experience with your business?

Email is a great way to learn about your customers!

Whether you use a simple one question email that asks for a quick reply or you create a customer survey or insightful quiz, giving your customers the chance to engage with you and provide feedback gives you direct access to learn all about those you’re serving.

As you learn about your customer preferences, you can intentionally build products and services you know they’re looking for.

And when you send an email to let them know you’ve got just what they wanted, they’ll know you’re listening—and they’ll be ready to buy!

3. You Can Build Engagement

When you use your email list to provide value and learn about your customers, you’ll build engagement. Why should you care about building engagement? It’s not just marketing speak, I promise.

Let’s first define it. Engagement is simply interaction between you and your contacts. And the more interaction you have with them, the better.

(Note, I didn’t say the more emails you send, the better. One email with great interaction is much better than five emails with little interaction.)

So, when you send an email and they take time to read it, they’ve just interacted with your company, right? When they respond to your customer survey, they’ve just interacted with you.

Engagement with your business builds trust and loyalty. The more the people on your email list engage with you, the more likely they’ll be visiting your storefront or scheduling an appointment.

Buying decisions are so much more than just simple transactions. We buy from people and businesses that we know, like, and trust.

And one of the most effective ways that you can increase the know, like, and trust factor of your business is to build and nurture your email list.



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