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7 Ways to Use Video in Your Marketing

More and more people are engaging with video online. So, whether you’re a fan of being on camera or avoid it at all costs, if you want to reach more people with your message, you need to explore how video can become a part of your marketing strategy. Not sure where to begin? Use these 7 ideas for using video to get you started.

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Welcome to the show notes! Remember, this is a brief summary from the How to Market Your Horse Business podcast. You'll want to listen to the entire episode for all the good stuff!

For a while now, social media companies and numerous marketing experts have been saying that video is where it’s at.

They said for a long time that Facebook prefers video and will give preference to it in its infamous algorithm. Now, of course, that doesn’t mean across the board, you should use only video. It just means you should keep it in your list of methods as you build your marketing strategy.

With Instagram saying recently that it’s “no longer a photo sharing app” it has everyone in the marketing world talking about video even more than usual.

It doesn’t mean you can’t use photos in your posts. I have a client that’s an equine photographer and her beautiful photos continue to get great engagement with her 37,000-plus followers.

However, no matter what you’re niche in the equine industry is, when social media platforms say they’re favoring video, then it’s a good idea to look at how you can use video to market your horse business well.

Okay, so we know video is a tool we can’t ignore. What’s next? I’ve got 7 ideas for how you can use video in your marketing. As always, this is not me saying “you should be doing all of these things.”

Just because I’m giving you seven ways to use video in this episode, it doesn’t mean you have to do 7 different videos. You can and should reuse video content!

So, as you listen to this episode, I want you to get inspired and then filter this information through what you know about your best-fit audience and where they are hanging out—and then take action from there.

And don’t be afraid to test things out. You never know until you test. At first, you might think “my people will never go for that.” But, after you try it a couple times, it might start to gain traction and surprise you.

Okay, here we go.

7 Ways You Can Use Video as You Market Your Horse Business:

  1. Facebook Live

  2. Instagram Live and Instagram TV

  3. Facebook and Instagram Stories.

  4. Instagram Reels

  5. YouTube

  6. Your Website

  7. TikTok

Of course, you'll want to listen to the full episode to dig into how you can apply each of these video marketing ideas to your own business!

And then, it’s time to take action. That’s the only way we get results, right?

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