8 Simple Ways to Share Your Freebie for More Leads

Have you put together a lead magnet to build your email list but can’t figure out how to get people to sign up? Here are 8 strategic and simple ways you can share about your awesome freebie to get more leads.

Is this you? You’re ready to start marketing your business online so you built a great website. You even have a super-valuable lead magnet that your potential customers will love. I think that’s great!

(Not sure what a lead magnet is and why you definitely want one on your website to get more sales? Read this.)

So, how do you plan to tell people about your awesome freebie? How are you getting them to take time out of their day to visit your website and download it?

It might sound overwhelming at first, but there are actually lots of ways you can proactively spread the word that you have something awesome available for free.

Here are 8 ways you can share about your freebie to get the right people to your website and on your email list.

Landing Page

A landing page is simply a page on your website that is solely for the purpose of getting someone to sign up for your freebie. Ideally it is simple and the only content on it tells why they should sign up for it and provides an easy way to do so (such as a simple web form).

It’s like your freebie’s home base, and, with an easy to remember URL like, you can easily send anyone to it.

Your Email List

Even if you haven’t been intentionally building an email list yet, you have a list of customers. Don’t you think they would like to hear about your great new free resource? Put together a quick email and let them know about it.

Business Card

Your business card can and should be used for more than just providing contact information. Use one side of the card specifically to promote your freebie so they have an incentive to actually visit your website and deepen the relationship.

Website Pop-up Form

A pop-up is exactly that—a sign-up box that pops up on your website to promote your freebie. Love them or hate them, the statistics are clear: pop-ups on your website work to build your email list with sales leads. Thankfully, you have a few options.

You can have one that pops up as soon as the visitor lands on your website, or you could have a delay of a set number of seconds. You can even have an exit pop-up that only comes up when the visitor is about to leave your website, based on the mouse location.

And don’t worry, you can change the settings to remember visitors based on their IP address so if they come back they won’t see it again for a set number of days or months.

Email Signature

Think of all the emails you send out in a day. That’s a lot of opportunities to tell someone about your lead magnet! Simply insert one line in your email signature telling recipients you have a great freebie and link to the landing page so they can sign up.

Facebook Page

First, you should share the link to your landing page on your Facebook page as a post. Then, message friends and family asking them to share the post. You never know who they know that you don’t know yet! Also, pin that post to the top of your Facebook page so anyone who visits your page will see it first.

Second, take it a step further and use your cover photo and call to action button to promote your freebie. Remember to design for mobile when creating the cover photo image (Working with a designer? Tell them to check for mobile specs from Facebook.) This is a really great and free way to collect leads from Facebook that many businesses don’t take advantage of.

Tools and Resources Page

Creating a tools and resources page on your website that serves your website visitors well Is a great way to provide additional value and build trust. Plus, it’s a natural place to put your free resource!

Print Materials

Do you have a brochure? Or perhaps a print ad in a magazine or newspaper?

Feature your freebie on your print materials and be sure to use your easy-to-remember landing page URL. You’ll give anyone who receives your materials and reads them an incentive to visit your website.

And if they’re choosing to read your materials and visit your website, they’ve already qualified themselves as someone interested in what you have to offer. Your awesome freebie and follow-up emails could be just what it takes for them to become a valuable customer.

Putting together a great lead magnet for your business is key when marketing your business online.

But if no one ever hears about it, then its impact on your business is limited.

With these 8 ways to share your freebie, you’ll be on your way to getting more sign-ups—which means more sales leads and more people for you to serve through your business!


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