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One Thing That Can Improve Your Horse Business in 2022

What if I told you there’s one thing you can do this year that will connect you to more of the “right” people? That when you do it well, you will build a community of people who know, like and trust you and your business—and therefore, they buy from you? That’s exactly what you’re going to learn on this episode!

Welcome to the show notes! Remember, this is a brief summary from the How to Market Your Horse Business podcast. You'll want to listen to the entire episode for all the good stuff!

Today, I want to share one goal that I truly believe every horse business owner who wants to reach more people either with your methods, your products, or your services should have in mind for 2022.

Before I tell you what it is, let's do a few word pictures to help you see why I think this one thing can improve your horse business this year.

Imagine if you had apparel for your brand, whether it’s branded gear for your show team or even for the public, and you had a new item in stock, and you had a way to get the word out that they’re in stock and you’re taking orders.

Imagine if you had breeding openings for your stud or yearlings coming up for sale and you had a group of people who have said they want to be the first to hear about it, and when you let the know about it, you’re bookings start filling up.

I could repeat that scenario for your lesson program, your training program, you get the idea.

So, what’s that one thing?

An active and engaged email list of your best-fit audience.

So, what does that actually mean? It’s not just emailing people in your contact list every once in a while because you have some news. There are 3 key elements at play here:

  1. Active means you are regularly sending emails. Even monthly is better than every now and then.

  2. Engaged means people are opening and clicking. They are interested and interacting.

  3. Best-fit audience is the people that who you’re creating your products and services for. We’ve spent a bit of time on this podcast talking about how to really know your best-fit audience. (Need a refresh? Listen to Jump-Start Your Marketing With These 2 Questions.)

Are you interested yet? There actually are some specific benefits you’ll experience when you have this one thing. And, there are also some roadblocks that might be keeping you from trying it out. Let’s dig into each of these things together.

3 Benefits of Having An Active and Engaged Email List

  1. Keep the conversation going past social media

  2. Immediate access to people who know, like and trust you. (remember those open rates we talked about?)

  3. Conversions. By and large, a promotional email converts at a higher rate than a promotional social media post. Your active and engaged email list is poised and ready.

So, what’s keeping you from making the leap?

3 Common Roadblocks That May be Keeping You from Jumping Into Email Marketing

  1. Feels like spam I get it! However, if you are delivery valuable content – not just selling, selling, selling – and if you have been intentional about getting the right people on your email list, then you don’t have to worry that you’re spamming people.

  2. No time I can’t magically give you time in your day. But what I can tell you, is that we all have the same 24 hours available to us. And we all get to make choices about how we spend our time and how we want to build our business.

  3. Too complicated You’re comfortable with horses and in the barn, but sit you down at a computer and you feel a little lost or overwhelmed. I get it! But, I have faith in you, and I’m here to help you get past the overwhelm and take action. Get my FREE resource, The Beginner’s Guide to Email Marketing for Horse Businesses here!

Of course, you'll want to listen to the full episode to dig into each of these tools and discover how you can use each one in your horse business!

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