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Side Hustle to Full-Time: 3 Essentials for Your Marketing Tack Room So You Can Saddle Up & Go

How do you go from idea to side hustle to main gig? While every entrepreneur’s journey is unique, here are the 3 essentials you should have in your marketing tack room, no matter what.

stormlily marketing how to market your horse business

Welcome to your never-before-told inside scoop on the history of my business—how I went from idea to side hustle to main gig. Even how the name came to be!

You know equipping equine entrepreneurs is at the heart of all I do, so you can expect plenty of marketing nuggets and practical takeaways as you learn ...

  • how Stormlily Marketing became my main gig

  • setbacks & challenges I've experienced along the way (Hint: they don’t stop. Welcome to entrepreneurship!)

  • 3 lessons learned you can take with you to your horse business (AKA 3 essentials for your marketing tack room 😊)

The main challenge I’ve experienced is the same one I often hear from my clients and members of Social Stride: lack of clarity.

Sure, there’s clarity on the big picture. But, when it comes to the offers, the messaging, website navigation and copywriting, launching programs, etc., there’s a fear of committing.

If you aren’t clear on the promise you’re delivering on, who you’re promising to help, the problem they have that you solve, then your marketing and messaging is going to fall flat.

What about the lessons I’ve learned along the way? I’ve packaged these into three essentials that every equine entrepreneur should have as you build a long-term, sustainable horse business.

3 Essentials for Your Marketing Tack Room So You Can Saddle Up & Go

  1. Audience Know who you’re serving. Don’t be afraid to keep learning and refining. If you’re going to sell, you need an audience of some kind (social media, email, etc.).

  2. Website You own it! (You rent social, remember.) Create a custom experience that reflects you and your brand. Customize the journey from visiting to becoming a customer.

  3. Support Do NOT go it alone. Especially as a solopreneur, outside perspectives and insight make all the difference. There’s immense value in a process and framework to follow rather than piecemealing your marketing by taking a little of this or that from a quick Google search, or mimicking what you see your competitors doing.

That’s why I created my Saddle Up & Go Framework for my Take the Reins 1:1 coaching clients. You can take the guesswork out of your marketing and get a clear path to follow, a customized plan you can implement on your own!

If you’re an equestrian entrepreneur who has a vision for your business—you know where you want to go, you just need a leg up to get your marketing in line with your goals—Take the Reins was designed specifically to help you get there.

Of course, you'll want to listen to the full episode to dig into each of the insights I shared and discover how you can apply each one in your horse business!


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