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What Is A Lead Magnet And How Will It Grow Your Business?

You have a website, but is it bringing in new leads? Learn how a valuable free download can turn your website visitors into your customers.

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So, you have a website? Great! I really am happy for you - I know what a labor of love that can be.

In other words, when someone visits your website, how do you know and how do you follow-up?

If you don’t have a clear answer for these questions, then you need a really great lead magnet on your website—no matter what industry or business you are in.

Now, I understand you wear many hats as a horse business owner, and online marketing expert may not be one of them. So, you may be asking, “What is a lead magnet and how will it grow my business?”

I’m so glad you asked! Understanding this often-overlooked but extremely useful online marketing tool will change how you use your website to connect with your potential customers. We’ll answer this great question as two separate questions.

First, what is a lead magnet?

Let’s look at it in the simplest terms. A lead is a potential customer for your business. And a magnet is something that attracts those leads.

So, a lead magnet in its most basic form is something you offer that attracts your potential customers.

Now, in online marketing (or more specifically, marketing through your website), a great lead magnet will not only attract your potential customers but it will take them to the next step in the sales process.

They’re attracted to what you’re offering and so they give you their email address—and sometimes other relevant information—in exchange for your offer. And ta-da! You’ve collected a lead!

Now you’re thinking, “What’s the offer?” We’ll go over a few different lead magnet ideas and what that might be for your business in just a minute. But first, let’s answer the second part of your question.

How does having a lead magnet on your website actually grow your business?

Well, it doesn’t! Just kidding. Sort of.

Just having a lead magnet on your website won’t necessarily grow your business. The magic is in what happens after your lead gives you an email address.

Imagine this.

Your website has a really valuable free download related to your product or service, maybe a checklist or how-to document. Jane lands on your website doing a search on businesses like yours and thinks your download looks helpful.

So, she fills out a super-simple web form, giving you her name, email address, and even answering a couple questions that let you know what she’s interested in.

She immediately gets access to the free download and then a couple days later she gets an email from you checking in to see if she’s enjoyed the download and offer further assistance.

Since Jane has found the download so helpful, she’s happy to hear from you and replies to your email. From there, you’re able to call her and learn more about what she’s looking for and invite her to the next step in the sales process. Within a week, you’ve closed a new sale.

Would you had even known that Jane was on your website if you didn’t have that awesome lead magnet? Maybe. But only if she would have taken the first step to call you.

Just think about it. Every day, thousands of people are searching online, likely looking for what your business has to offer. When they land on your website, what happens next? How do you know they’ve been there so you can follow-up with them? You don’t! Unless you have a great lead magnet that sets the ball in motion.

You may be thinking, “That’s good for other businesses, but I don’t think there’s anything I can put on my website for the type of business that I have.”

Not true, my friend!

I promise, no matter what product or service you’re offering, there is a lead magnet that will work for you.

Take a look at these examples and ideas.

This fitness expert offers a free fitness planner.

These free meal plans are a great example of what someone in the nutrition industry can create and offer.

Businesses in the home design or construction industry can provide a unique and beautiful design inspiration download.

Accountants can offer a tax preparation checklist or a simple budgeting guide.

Restaurants can provide a coupon or special offer.

A lawn care service can provide a seasonal lawn care checklist. It can even include the time of year they should come and treat the lawn.

You see? The possibilities are endless. No matter what your business or industry, you can come up with a great lead magnet for the audience you serve. And with the right process in place, you can take those leads and turn them into customers to grow your business.

So, what are you waiting for? Someone to tell you what to do next?

Okay, since you asked!

I’d love to learn about your business and how I can help you design the perfect lead magnet and follow-up series to grow your business! Schedule your free consultation here.



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