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What Should Go In Your Email Newsletter?

What do you put in your email newsletter that will both serve your audience and help you sell your products and services? With these 5 topics to include in your email newsletter, you’ll never be short of ideas!

Welcome to the show notes! Remember, this is a brief summary from the How to Market Your Horse Business podcast. You'll want to listen to the entire episode for all the good stuff!

As we close up this mini-series on email marketing, we’re going to dive into one more big question I’m often asked.

Here’s what I hear: “Okay, Denise, I am in. I know there are free ways that I can get started with this so it’s not going to cost me anything out-of-pocket. But what do I do now? What am I emailing people?”

That’s why today we are going to talk about what you should put inside of your email newsletter.

There is no set formula or only one way to do it, except that I want you to remember to be serving your list. Your email newsletter is not a place for you to sell, promote, sell, promote 100% of the time.

Yes, you will incorporate that—you are a business after all. But, if that’s all that you ever do, then you can be certain a fair amount of people will stop opening your emails.

So, if you are not only selling and promoting every week, then what do you do? I’m going to share with you 5 topics that you could include in your email newsletter.

Remember, no matter what it is you are creating, I want you to keep your ideal audience front and center. Use words that speak to them and that they would use in the first place.

Now, a quick caveat. These email topics I am listing will be assuming that for now, you will be emailing your entire list all at one time. But, as you get deeper into the email marketing strategies for your business, you may decide you want to segment your list.

5 Topics for Your Email Newsletter

  1. Insider Info

  2. Quick Tip

  3. Upcoming Shows/Events

  4. Blog Post / YouTube Video / Podcast

  5. Featured Product / Service

Of course, you'll want to listen to the full episode to dig into each of these topics and discover how you can use each one in your horse business!

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